October 31, 2018

History Quiz For WBCS Preliminary Exam

1) Gandhara School of art is related to which of the following dynasties?
[A] Shakas
[B] Kushanas
[C] Guptas
[D] Greeks

2) Who among the following started the practice of military governships in India , by leaving the military governors called “Strategos” in India?
[A] Greeks
[B] Shakas
[C] kushans
[D] Parthians

3)Which among the following river is most described in Rig-Veda?
[A] Sindhu
[B] Chenab
[C] Saraswati
[D] Ganga

4) In Vedic Era, Akhyani is the goddess of which of the following?
[A] Peace
[B] Sacrifice
[C] Forests
[D] Rivers

5) Which among the following emperors introduced the two laws of Vyavahar Samta and Danda Samata?
[A] Chandragupta Maurya
[B] Ashoka
[C] Chandragupta Vikramaditya
[D] Samudragupta

6) The Practice of Polyandry was common in which of the following in ancient India?
[A] Kushanas
[B] Hunas
[C] Shakas
[D] Greeks

7) Who among the following succeeded Pushyamitra Shunga?
[A] Agnimitra
[B] Sujyestha
[C] Vajramitra
[D] Devbhuti

8) Which of the following dynasty was ruling in India, when Alexander invaded India?
[A] Nanda Dynasty
[B] Shunga Dynasty
[C] Maurya Dynasty
[D] Shishunaga Dynasty

9)In Greek texts, who among the following has been mentioned as Amitrochates?
[A] Bimbisara
[B] Bindusara
[C] Kautilya
[D] Asoka

10)The Golden age of the “Gupta Literary Renaissance” is said to be the reign of whom among the following?
[A] Chandragupta I
[B] Chandragupta II
[C] Kumaragupta
[D] Skandgupta

8)Nanda Dynasty
10)Chandragupta II

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