October 23, 2018

Important Questions Polity Questions For WBCS Preliminary 2019

1.The second President of the Indian
Republic was
(a) V.V.Giri
(b) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
(c) Dr. Zakir Hussain
(d) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

2.With reference to the provisions of the
Indian Constitution, which of the
following is not correct?
(a) There is no specific procedure
mentioned to remove the Governor of a
(b) No single person can simultaneously
act as a Governor of two States.
(c) In a Union Territory, the Lt. Governor
appoints the judges of the High Court.
(d) President appoints the judges of the
Supreme Court in consultation with the
Chief Justice of India.
3. Which Constitutional Article lays down the provision for a National Commission
for SC and ST—
(A) Article 337
(B) Article 334
(C) Article 338
(D) Article 339
4)Which Constitutional Article defines
the Panchayat Raj—
(A) 243O
(B) 243A
(C) 243
(D) 243I
5)5.In the Indian Constitution, which type of the Sabha is mentioned under
Panchayat Raj—
(A) District Sabha
(B) Gram Sabha
(C) Nagar Panchayat Sabha
(D) Zila Sabha
6.Which Constitutional Article states
‘This Constitution may be called the
Constitution of India’
(A) Article 397
(B) Article 396
(C) Article 395
(D) Article 394
7.In case President Rule in the state is
not approved by the Parliament, ‘For
how many months the same
promulgation shall last’.
(A) Four Months
(B) Two Months
(C) Three Months
(D) Six Months
8.How many Schedules are incorporated
in the Constitution of India—
(A) Eleventh Schedule
(B) Tenth Schedule
(C) Ninth Schedule
(D) Twelfth Schedule
9. Which Constitutional Article lays down
distribution of work through the Union
List, State List, and Concurrent List
between the Union and State—
(A) 246
(B) 247
(C) 248
(D) 249
10.Constitutionally, who has the power
to make a law on the subject
mentionable in the Union List—
(A) Lok Sabha
(B) Parliament
(C) Rajya Sabha
(D) Legislative Council

2) C
3) C
4) C
5) B
6) D
7) D
8) D
9) A
10) B

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