November 11, 2018

Borrowed features of Indian Constitution

Although the Skeleton of the Constitution was derived from the Government of India Act 1935, many provisions were imported from other constitutions of the world. These are listed below.

Govt.of India Act1935~

•Office of Governor

•Federal court


•Emergency powers


•Parliamentary form of Government

•Rule of law

•Single citizenship

•Office of CAG


•Bicameral parliamentary system

•Law making procedures


•Written Constitution

•Fundamental Rights


•Independence of Judiciary and Judicial review


•Functions of President and Vice President

•Vice president as the ex-officio chairman of Upper house

•Supreme Court

•Provision of States

•Removal of Supreme Court and High Court Judges.


•Directive Principles of State Policy

•Method of election of President

•Nomination of members to the Rajya Sabha by the President.


•Federation with strong centre.

•Residuary powers

•Union list, State list

•Supreme court's advisory jurisdiction

•Advisory jurisdiction of the supreme court


•Concurrent list

•Joint sitting of parliament

•Trade and Commerce provisions


•Fundamental duties

•Five year plans

•Ideals of justice in Preamble

Germany(Weimer Constitution)

•Suspension of fundamental rights during emergency.

South Africa

•Amendment to the constitution

•Election of members of the Rajya Sabha

•Republican system

•Principles of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.


•Procedure established by law

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