November 3, 2018

Current Affairs Quiz For WBCS 2019

1) The Council of Ministers of the Union has recently approved the definitive extension of the Commission's mandate set up to examine the issue of the sub-category in the CBOs in the central list. The commission is led by whom?
[A] G. Rohini
[B] J.K. Bajaj
[C] L K Khurana
[D] Jai Mal Singh

2) Which Indian personality has received the prestigious Japanese Nikkei Asia award in the category "Culture and community"?
[A] Narayan Murthy
[B] Ravi Shankar Prasad
[C] Narendra Modi
[D] Bindeshwar Pathak

3) What is India's range in the Global Environmental Performance Index 2018, according to the most recent publication of the State of India's Environment (SoE) 2018 in figures from the magazine Down To Earth?
[A] 165
[B] 177
[C] 138
[D] 126

4) Which country has passed the "Soft Power 30" index of 2018?
[A] France
[B] United States
[C] Australia
[D] United Kingdom

5) Who has been appointed as the new President of the Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications of India (TRAI)?
[A] Ram Sewak Sharma
[B] Vikram Limaye
[C] Rajan Mathews
[D] D. Shivalingaiah

6) Which state hosts the summit 'One District One Product' 2018?
[A] Andhra Pradesh
[B] Kerala
[C] Uttar Pradesh
[D] Assam

7) Which of the following has become the first defense PSU to be activated on the TReDS platform?
[A] Dynamics of Bharat
[B] India Dredging Corporation
[C] Central Electronics Limited
[D] Shipbuilders and engineers of the scope of the garden

8) Who will be India's flag-bearer at the opening ceremony of the Asian Games of 2018?
[A] Hima Das
[B] Neeraj Chopra
[C] Manika Batra
[D] M. R. Poovamma

9) Recently, Judge Gita Mittal took an oath as president of the Supreme Court of which of the following High Courts?
[A] Punjab and Haryana
[B] Jammu and Kashmir
[C] Rajasthan
[D] Uttar Pradesh

10) Which city was ranked first in the Easy Living Index of 2018 published by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs?
[A] Pune
[B] Triputi
[C] Chandigarh
[D] Vijaywada


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