November 30, 2018

Economy MCQ For WBCS Preliminary 2019

1) Which of the following is NOT a programme / agency of the Union Ministry of Finance?
(a) Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF)
(b) National Foundation for Corporate Governance (NFCG)
(C) Serious Frauds Investigation Office (SFIO)
(d) Investment Commission

2)In India, which of the following is regulated by the Forward Markets Commission?
(a) Currency Futures Trading
(b) Commodities Futures Trading
(c) Equity Futures Trading
(d) Both Commodities Futures and Financial Futures Trading

3)Which one of the following is different from the others from the point of view of ownership?
(a) LIC Policy
(b) Bank Fixed Deposit
(c) Kisan Vikas Patra
(d) Debenture of a Company

4)The main source of fund for the National Highway Authority of India is
(a) Cess
(b) Foreign assistance
(c) Market borrowings
(d) Budgetary support Government of Union

5)Which of the following statements regarding Indian agriculture is correct?
(a) It contributes nearly 25 per cent of the GDP
(b) India has the least area in the world under pulse crops
(c) The share of foodgrains in gross cropped area has increased since independence
(d) Agriculture accounts for twenty per cent of India's exports

6)The area under cultivation is declining fast in the case of:
(a) cotton
(b) sugarcane
(c) jute
(d) tea

7)What is Laissez-faire?
(a) Mixed economy
(b) Controlled economy
(c) Non-interference· of Government in economic affairs
(d) None of these

8)Ad Valorem means:
(a) according to value
(b) according to weight
(c) according to size
(d) according to advertisement costs

9)What percentage of country's demand for natural rubber is met by indigenous production:
(a) 80%
(b) 97%
(c) 86%
(d) 100%

10)With reference to Union Government, which one of the following undertake the country-wide Economic Census?
(a) Department of Expenditure
(b) The National Sample Organization
(c) Planning Commission
(d) The Central Statistical Organization

1) A
2) B
3) A
4) A
5) A
6) C
7) C
8) A
9) C
10) D
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