November 2, 2018

Geography Quiz For WBCS Preliminary Exam

1) An Inland water transit and trade protocol exists between India and which among the following neighbors?
[A] Sri Lanka
[B] Bangladesh
[C] Pakistan
[D] Myanmar

2)Which among the following Gulfs is noted for the extreme rise and fall of its tides, making it ideal location for Tidal energy ?
[A] Gulf of Mannar
[B] Gulf of Khambat
[C] Gulf of Kutch
[D] Both 2 and 3

3)Famous tourist spots viz. Chatham Saw Mill, Wandoor Beach, Mount Harriet & Limestone Caves are located in which state?
[A] Goa
[B] Andaman & Nicobar Islands
[C] Lakshadweep
[D] Tamil Nadu

4) After Wells and Tube wells, which among the following is the largest source of Irrigation in India?
[A] Canals
[B] Tanks
[C] Rivers
[D] Ponds and Lakes

5) Which among the following is not a Major agri-export of India?
[A] Marine Products
[B] Cashew
[C] Pulses
[D] Cereals

6)Centre for Earth Science Studies” is located in ?
[A] Goa
[B] Bangalore
[C] Thiruvananthapuram
[D] Patiala

7) Which among the following is a riverine (Inland River) port?
[A] Chennai
[B] Kandla
[C] Kolkata
[D] Tutikorin

8)“Rubber Board of India” is located at?
[A] Kozhikode
[B] Kasaragod
[C] Kottayam
[D] Kannur

9) Mullaperiyar Dam” has been a long pending issue between which of the following two states?
[A] Karnataka & Kerala
[B] Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
[C] Karnataka & Tamil Nadu
[D] Tamil Nadu and Kerala

10) Brookside Bungalow ” is located in which of the following states?
[A] Assam
[B] Meghalaya
[C] Tripura
[D] Nagaland



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