November 15, 2018

Know About Constituent Assembly Of India

✓The Constituent Assembly was constituted in November 1946 under the scheme formulated by the Cabinet Mission plan. •
✓The total strength of the Constituent Assembly was to be 389, out of which 296 seats were to be allotted to British India and 93 seats to the Princely States.
✓ Each province and princely states were to be allotted seats in proportion to their respective population. Roughly, one seat was to be allotted for every million population
✓ Seats allotted to each British province were to be divided among three principal communities – Muslims, Sikhs and General, in proportion to their population.
✓The representatives of each community were to be elected by members of that community in the provincial legislative assembly and they were to be elected by proportional representations by means of single transferable vote. •
✓The election to the 296 of the Constituent Assembly was held in July-August 1946, in which The Indian National Congress won 208 seats, the Muslim league won 73 seats and the remaining 15 seats were won by small groups and independents. •
✓ The Indian Independence Act of 1947 made the following changes in the position of the Constituent Assembly. >

✓The Constituent Assembly was made the fully sovereign body, which could frame any Constitution it pleased.
✓The Act empowered the Assembly to abrogate or alter any law made by the British Parliament in relation to India.
✓The Assembly also became a legislative body, which means two separate functions were assigned to the Assembly – first was making of a Constitution for free India and the second was enacting of ordinary laws for the country.
✓ Thus Constituent Assembly became the first Parliament of free India (Dominion Legislature).
✓The Muslim League members hailing from the areas included in Pakistan withdrew from the Constituent Assembly for India, resulting into reduction of total strength of Constituent Assembly from 389 to 299.
✓The strength of the Indian provinces was reduced from 296 to 229 and those of princely states from 93 to 70.


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