March 26, 2019

Geography MCQ Part(2) For WBCS Main 2019

1)Apatanis are the tribes found in:

A.Himanchal Pradesh
D.Arunachal Pradesh

2)The largest river of all the west flowing rivers of the peninsular India is:

D.Narmada River

3)Indian state known as garden spice is:

B.West Bengal

4)Mahe and Yanam are the parts of the Union Territory of:

A. Dadar Nagar Haveli
B. Chndigarh
C. Daman and Diu
D. Puducherry

5)India's first marine National Park is located in:

A.The Gulf of Mannar
B.Bay of Bengal
C.Arabian Sea
D.The Gulf of Khambhat

6)Singreni Coal fields is located in :

A. Narmada Valley
B. Karishna Valley
C. Godavari Valley
D. Kaveri Valley

7)The second most important agro based industry of India after textiles is:

A. Dairy Industry
B. Pulp Industry
C. Processed Food Industry
D. Sugar Industry

8)The industrial region of India which has the predominance of metal industries is:

A. Penisular Region
B. Chotanagpur Region
C. Delta Region
D. Brahmputra Region

9)Titagarh, Amlai are known for:

A. Sugar Industry
B. Ship Building
C. Iron and Steel Industry
D. Paper Industry

10)The highest glacial lake of India located at the height of 17,745 feet in Garhwal Himalaya is:

A. Devtal
B. Roopkund
C. Kedartal
D. Homkund

1) D
2) D
3) C
4) D
5) A
6) C
7) D
8) B
9) D
10) A

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