March 20, 2019

WBCS Main 2019 History Mini Mock Test 1

1) Which one of the following inscriptions provides the earliest epigraphical evidence of Sati?

(A) Mathura Inscription of Huvishka.

(B) Junagarh Inscription of Rudradaman.

(C) Eran Pillar Inscription of Bhanugupta.

(D) Banskhera Inscription of Harsh
2)The rulers of South India constantly fought with each other, because of
(A) Imperialistic ambition.

(B) Old dynastic rivalry.

(C) Desire to control the rivers like Godavari, Krishna and their valleys.

(D) Monopolistic ambition to control sea routes.

3) Which Sultan of Delhi got Qutub-minar repaired, cleaned the derelict Hauz Khas and erected on its bank a specious madrasah?
(A) Iltutmish

(B) Alauddin Khalji

(C) Firuz Tughlaq

(D) Sikandar Lodi

4)Who among the following writers claim that Muhammad bin Tughlaqhad designated Firuz Shah as his heir?
(A) Ziauddin Barani

(B) Shams-i-SirajAfif

(C) Ibn Battuta

(D) Yahia bin Ahmad Sirhindi

5)Identify the dynasty which Rai Singh Panj Hajari belonged to
(A) Rathore of Bikaner

(B) Rathore of Jodhpur

(C) Rathore of Kishangarh

(D) Rathore of Ratlam

6) Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?
(A) Second Battle of Panipat: Akbar vs. Ibrahim Lodi

(B) Battle of Haldighati: Akbar vs. Rana Udai Singh

(C) Battle of Dharmat: Aurangzeb vs. Dara

(D) Battle of Samugarh: Aurangzeb vs. Shuja

7)Who stated that “Twenty thousand men worked incessantly to construct Taj Mahal”?
(A) Mannuci

(B) Abdul Hamid Lahori

(C) Tavernier

(D) Shah Nawaz Khan

8)Which of the following was not true of James Augustus Hickey?
(A) He was the pioneer of Indian Journalism.

(B) He was the founder of the Bengal Chronicle.

(C) He always worked for the press freedom.

(D) He was sent to prison by Company Government for being fearless journalist

9)At which place ‘Women’s Indian Association’ was founded?
(A) Bombay

(B) Calcutta

(C) Madras

(D) Jaipur

10)In which year the book Hind Swaraj was written?
(A) 1907

(B) 1908

(C) 1909

(D) 1910

1) C
2) C
3) C
4) A
5) A
6) C
7) C
8) B
9) C
10) C

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